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Where Sarah Stands

Sarah Mays stands for Life, Parental Rights, Secure Elections, Education, Constitutional Rights, Energy Freedom, Small Businesses, Agriculture, and Economic Security.  As your next Delegate representing the 53rd District, Sarah will work hard to ensure that our beautiful District and Commonwealth stays safe, prosperous, and free.

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Sarah speaking at a pro-life rally in Bedford County, 2022.

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Life Begins At Conception

Sarah Mays will always stand for all life and strongly believes/knows life begins at conception.  She is certain of it because she chose not to abort when she became pregnant after being violently attacked at the age of 18.  With the support of a local pregnancy center, a lot of hard work, and most importantly, God’s grace, Sarah chose the hard path and raised her daughter as a single mother for 14 years before marrying her husband.  Her daughter now works beside her in their Christian daycare in Amherst County.

Sarah is 100% prolife. Furthermore, she believes taxpayer dollars must never fund or promote abortions.

"As Christians, we must provide real help for pregnant mothers in need, including real support after the child is born.  Mothers need to be shown Christ’s love regardless of the circumstance.  Be pro-encouraging.  Be pro-love.  Be pro-mother. "

 - Sarah Mays

Parental Rights

Sarah Mays stands for parental rights.  Our precious children are our responsibility. 


Sarah believes laws that infringe on parental rights must be eliminated.

Parents have the fundamental, God-given right to make decisions regarding their children's upbringing, education, and healthcare."   - Sarah Mays




Sarah at her Christian daycare  in Amherst County.

Sarah is the owner and administrator of a Christian daycare in Amherst County.  She believes even our youngest children deserve the best education we can give them in a nurturing environment

Sarah Mays stands for children and educational freedom and stands against the progressive, leftist indoctrination that is currently being imposed in our schools.  She will work hard to ensure schools are held accountable to parents. Furthermore, parents have the right to choose an alternative to public education {whether private, religious, or home schools} and the right to make reasonable choices within public schools for their child.

2nd Amendment

Sarah Mays will always stand and fight for our Constitutional rights, which are critical to preserving our freedoms. Sarah is dedicated to standing for the 2nd Amendment, fighting against red flag laws, and supporting Constitutional carry legislation because "Shall Not Be Infringed" is not a suggestion!

Sarah owns “Pistol Packing Chicks” (PPC) — a business dedicated to encouraging women to be prepared, be safe, and be stylish.  PPC provides women with training on self-defense, gun safety, and responsibility.  A portion of PPC’s proceeds are donated to the work of women’s shelters and wounded warrior women’s programs.

As a gun show vendor, Sarah has dedicated time traveling to different states — listening to the testimony of others and exploring the importance of protecting their 2nd Amendment rights. Sarah implemented the “Packing with a Purpose” campaign where she has been able to help people who have been through horrible, traumatic situations.

Pistol Packing Chicks at a gun show.


Election Integrity


Sarah Mays believes our election's laws must be reformed to keep the public’s trust and keep our state free.

" I believe our elections are in jeopardy because of Virginia’s loose voting laws.  The 2020 Coronavirus situation was used by Democrat lawmakers to create a massive mail-in absentee and early voting system in Virginia and many other states.  Many voter fraud protections were removed including ID requirements. We cannot allow Virginia to go down the same path progressive, Democrat-controlled states have chosen.  We must reform our election laws."    - Sarah Mays

Small Business

As an owner of several small businesses, Sarah Mays has seen first-hand the suffocation of regulations and taxes that are currently being imposed. There are hundreds she has spoken with who are desperately grasping to keep their doors open.


Something must be done to protect and support the growth of small businesses in Virginia.

Sarah will stand for small businesses to get the Virginia economy moving again. Sarah will fight for less taxes, fewer regulations, and cutting through bureaucratic red tape so entrepreneurs can thrive.

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