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Conservative Leaders Endorse Sarah Mays for Delegate


Senator Amanda Chase

"My friend Sarah is a strong advocate for life and the 2nd Amendment. Her convictions speak through her actions and life testimony. She will be a great representative for the 53rd District. We need more principled, uncompromising, Christian conservative fighters here in Richmond, and that is why I am endorsing Sarah Mays for Delegate!"

Delegate Marie March

"Sarah Mays is a true conservative. She believes in the 2nd Amendment, in parental rights, and in true, universal school choice that helps everybody...She's a fighter, and I need another fighter by my side up here in Richmond...We need real people that work, that are small business owners; no more lawyers! ...I'm asking the grassroots to get behind Sarah Mays!"

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Janet Rose,
conservative radio talk show host

"When Sarah Mays told me she was going to run for the house seat I all but begged her not to run. I know how politics can be. I know how the “win at any cost” good old boy network works. It has been even worse than I predicted it would be. That being said , I now understand why she feels driven to run. We need honest people in office. We need people untainted by the motivation of power. Who understand that the rules apply to all. Character matters. Truth matters. If you see value in these things as I do you will understand why David needs your vote to beat Goliath."

Anne Taydus,
President of Virginians for Children First

"As the “old house” reaches for Senate seats- it’s time to re-examine priorities and this woman has grabbed education understanding by the horns so she can walk in those doors armed with the knowledge most have never cared to learn.

Virginians For Children First is proud to endorse Sarah Mays for Delegate DISTRICT 53!!!"

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Philip Hamilton,
candidate for State Senate

"House of Delegates Candidate Sarah Mays and I both signed a “U.S. Term Limits” pledge at the Providence Bible Day Center in Amherst County, Virginia!

Sarah and I pledge to support term limits for elected officials in local, state and federal level offices!


...If you are a Republican delegate in Amherst, Bedford or in Nelson County be sure to vote this Saturday May 6th at the Jefferson Forest High School!"

Local Faith Leaders join Bishop E.W. Jackson to endorse Sarah Mays!

  • Rt. Rev. Charles H. Nalls:
    "It is my pleasure to offer my personal endorsement to Sarah Mays for delegate. I know her to be a steadfast woman if faith and a true champion of the rights of all pre-born children. An authentic conservative, she truly will be a much needed breath of fresh air in Richmond."

  • Pastor Wayne Lawhorne:
    "We need people like Sarah Mays to uphold Christian morals and values. She will be a great advocate for people in this area."

  • Pastor Allan Monfils:
    "I highly endorse Sarah Mays for Delegate of the 53rd district. She is pro-life, supports the 2nd Amendment and will stand up for our Constitution."

  • Pastor Terry Wornstaff

  • Pastor Carl Farmer

  • Pastor Marvin Busie


Christian Raymond,

anti-abortion activist,

former Lynchburg Area Young Republican Chairman,

former Regional Vice Chair of 5th District GOP Committee

"Sarah Mays has exhibited a life of service and devotion to God and her community. Her personal testimony is one of trial, faith, and overcoming the greatest of odds.

Sarah has been tested. She was once tempted to abort her own daughter, but trusted God to provide instead. Sarah not only believes that life begins at conception, but that equal protection from conception without exception must be established in the law.

Sarah has had hardships. She is a real-world, self-made businesswoman. She has had to deal with government overreach on a day-to-day basis. Sarah believes that the best government is a Constitutionally limited one that steps out of the way to let entrepreneurs and the free-market economy truly be free.

But the thing that has impressed me the most about Sarah Mays is that she is a true "outsider." She is not part of the elite Richmond swamp nor part of the "good ole boy quid pro quo networks" that ignore the conservative grassroots year after year. And the best part: Sarah does not believe that you need to rub shoulders with the establishment swamp in order to be effective in Richmond.

A vote for Sarah Mays for the Republican nomination is a vote against the status quo and a vote for true citizen-led government."

Endorsement from Karen Angulo,
Local GOP Chair & Regional Election Integrity Leader

"To the convention delegates in House District 53,


You are the hiring manager.  Candidates are interviewing for the job to represent your interests in the General Assembly.  How do you evaluate the candidates?   Inspiring speeches?  By whom they know??  Smart bosses look at what people do, not what they say because talk is cheap.


It’s our job to staff the House and Senate with people dedicated to fixing the serious mess created by Democrats when they controlled our state government.  Who are not afraid to challenge the self-serving RINOs who sat back and watched the carnage happen. 


Here’s a short job description: “Wanted:  A person to selflessly serve the people of House District 53.  Proven experience in business, overcoming adversity, and surviving the hard knocks of life.  Active devotion to God, family, and community.  Deep understanding of critical need to restore parental rights, rid schools of all things “woke”, protect the unborn, prevent the state from ever again closing our churches and business and locking us in our houses, and repeal all economy-killing “green new deal” laws.  First-hand experience in the real world is a big plus (instead of insider political party experience).” 


In House District 53, that is Sarah Mays.  She knows first-hand from being a mother and running a Christian daycare how far parental rights have been degraded by the state, and the toxic effect of “woke” culture on our children and schools.  She’s an accomplished small business owner who has to deal with onerous regulations, high taxes, and “woke” employment laws.  Just like you, she feels the stress of rising inflation and utility costs.  She is deeply concerned about what the “green new deal” laws and California emission standards will do to families and business.  And Sarah’s commitment to the unborn?  It cannot be challenged and I highly respect her for it!


I recommend you hire Sarah Mays to be your Delegate in House District 53.


Karen Angulo


This is my personal opinion and I am not speaking on behalf of a party or organization."

Testimonial from Doug Barringer,
Local GOP Chair & Regional Election Integrity Leader

"In my current position, I have long made it a policy not to endorse candidates and am not doing so now. However, I feel that I must offer this personal and unaffiliated testimonial on behalf of Sarah Mays. She most certainly is an inexperienced political outsider who truly aligns with the professed values and principals of the Republican Party in Central Virginia. Most importantly, however, is that she has not only talked the Pro-Life talk but has lived it and continues to live it. At some point, actions must speak louder than words: "By their fruits you shall know them". From the time I first met her at Pastor Kirk Farmer's Providence Bible Church in Madison Heights, I was impressed by her story and her character.


When she was just 18, she was brutally gang raped. A short time later, she was informed that she was pregnant as a result. In a similar situation, a weaker and less grounded young woman would have capitulated to the recommendations of the local establishment and terminated the pregnancy. Instead, she chose to live her Christian faith and grant her unborn child the God given right to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness", the bedrock principal of our Nation's founding.

Sarah endured ostracism and received little to no help from the institutions at that time, but brought a wonderful daughter into the world, then made many sacrifices to raise her in a Godly home, and even sent her to a Christian school, requiring even greater sacrifice. I have met her daughter and can attest that Sarah was a great mom.

In the face of trials that might have broken a woman of weaker faith and character, Sarah not only survived but thrived, becoming the successful entrepreneur that she is today, proving that faith and determination and the American dream can still bring triumph out of tragedy. I am confident that she will bring the same strength of character and determination to bear if called by her fellow citizens to represent them in Richmond.

Required Disclaimer: These remarks reflect my own personal convictions and do not reflect those of any political party with which I am affiliated. Would that they did."

Endorsement from Bradley Driskill,
Local Christian Conservative Activist & GOP Leader

"One of the biggest issues at stake as far as our Commonwealth and the General Assembly is concerned for the welfare of unborn life, the fact that life begins at conception and that the voiceless need strong advocates to be their voice. While it is the goal of Conservatives to elect leaders who acknowledge that being 100% Pro Life means just that no if, ands or buts, there is one candidate in the House race who stands out as a Pro Life Champion and her name is Sarah Mays but who is she exactly?

Sarah is running for the Republican nomination for the 53rd House district which covers all of Amherst County and parts of Bedford and Nelson and if you live in the district, are signed up to be a delegate at the convention May 6th at Jefferson Forest High School and acknowledge that unborn lives indeed matter and begin at conception which is a scientific fact then Sarah is the candidate that deserves your vote.

Sarah has a powerful testimony of how precious each human life created in God’s image truly is. At eighteen years of age, Sarah became pregnant after being violently attacked but instead of choosing the act of infanticide which most call abortion, Sarah chose to give her unborn child a chance at life and brought into this world a baby girl who today works with Sarah at their Christian daycare in Amherst County. Sarah set the example that no matter how good or bad the circumstances of conception all life is know by God the Creator before He formed he or she in the womb, that the plans He has for them are for His honor and that God can take an act of wickedness and use it for something good.

In 2024 when Lord willing the Republicans retain the House and win back control of the Senate, we need strong conservative leaders to tell Governor Glenn Youngkin that since life begins at conception, a “15 to 20 week bill” is not acceptable nor is unborn life up for negotiation. Who better to send to Richmond, to vote on and sponsor a “Life at Conception bill” letting the Governor know where Virginians stand than Sarah Mays? Who is without a doubt a champion for life!

Sarah is not just a Pro Life Champion but she is also a strong advocate for parental rights, the Second Amendment, Election Integrity and Small Businesses! While I personally don’t live in the 53rd House district, many of you all are probably wondering why I’m writing about another candidate outside my district and why I do it for other candidates as well? As a Virginian, a Christian and a Conservative I believe that we are all in this fight together for the welfare of our Commonwealth and if my voice can help other candidates who stand up for the truth, spreading their message and that I can use what little bit of knowledge I do have to help educate the voters in a specific district then I will do that because the Commonwealth isn’t just about one person or one district but We the People. Sarah Mays has my endorsement and full support and I hope she will earn the vote of the 53rd district to be their voice."

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